Turn your Android phone into a Webcam

If your PC doesn’t have a Webcam built in, or you just want a little more flexibility, here’s how you can use the camera(s) in your Android phone or tablet instead.


How to Improve Wireless Network Performance

The tips in this video show how to improve the network range and reception of a wireless (WiFi) network. By removing or avoiding interference, changing router settings, and updating the driver for the WiFi router, a wireless network can keep computers connected and running smoothly.



Military Grade File Shredder for Windows

Did you know that emptying the recycle bin doesn’t really delete files on your computer? The PC more or less forgets about the file…but recovery software can get your sensitive files back. That’s where File Shredder comes in. This program lets you easily and securely delete files with the click of a button.

Link: http://www.kakasoft.com/file-shredder/