Sony Ericsson LiveView Remote Bluetooth Display Watch for Android Phones

The LiveView Smart Extra is a window to your world.

Get live texts, Tweets & Facebook™ updates

Tony tattled on Twitter™. Sarah updated her Facebook™ status. Get instant notifications. And stay updated 24/7. With LiveView™. A wearable, wireless Android watch.

Control your music

Wanna rock? Tap play and start headbanging. Feel like escaping to the Caribbean? Skip tracks and chill out with some reggae. Go ahead. And control your music with LiveView™. An Android phone remote that can be worn as a clip or watch.

Make this micro display yours with applications

Download any compatible application from Android Market™ and customise your LiveView™ to make it exclusively yours.

By Geek2pointOh

Peak Floor Stand for iPad

The Peak Ipad Stand was designed with musicians in mind but, wouldn’t it also be great to use say while working out on your treadmill.  I think this is the perfect solution when you need a little entertainment to make it through that last mile.

This stand features 360 degree rotation and adjustable viewing angle. Rubber insoles holders provide the safest protection to the iPad. Music Desk is collapsible. The tripod is made with high strength tubular steel, the height of the stand can be easily adjusted by the signature Peak Quick Clamp Lever and it also comes w/ its own carrying bag!

There are other Ipad stands out there but the price is right on this one. It can be purchased  from Amazon for 39.99.

Amazon Link to “Peak” Floor Stand for Ipad

Vinyl Tap {for iPad} By andBoom

Ever have a hankering for the good old days?
Remember the joy you felt when you pulled out that beautiful, black record from its sleeve and placed it gently on to your player, listened for that comforting crackle of the needle in the grooves as you lay back and closed your eyes?

Vinyl has always invoked deep emotional responses. Even today it still has that power to commit you to listen to a whole album, experiencing the music in the way the artist intended.

Vinyl Tap will enable you to enjoy reminiscing or have the vinyl experience for the first time using your iTunes library.

Vinyl Tap is an app of passion, faithfully reproducing the time honored experiences of music listening. Every pixel has been beautifully and painstakingly crafted. Records in Vinyl Tap often look just like their real life counterparts, track-for-track.

Just like it’s the real thing, you will hear the scratch of the needle and see the tone arm moving across the record in perfect synchronization. You can lift the needle and drop it at another point in any song on the record, flip the record over, and even play it at the wrong speed.

Connect your iPad to a set of speakers, and create an old school hi-fi system, fit for the 21st century.

We think you will love Vinyl Tap so much, that it might just become your favorite way of listening to music.

Available on the App Store

By Geek2pointOh

Zero Dollar Books { Free Books For Your Kindle}

Zero Dollar Books is a “web app” that showcases all the bestselling ebooks available for FREE through Amazon.

All this presented in a clean, crisp layout  for easy navigation.  The best part is that these books can be downloaded

to your Amazon e-book reader without requiring you to install any additional software. All you need to have is a

free membership with the Amazon website.

Clicking on a book title will take you to its page on, where you can find the ratings the book has received, customer

reviews and other details like the number of pages, publisher name and the downloaded file size etc. Downloading is not just limited

to a Kindle and you can just as easily download any e-book you like to your PC, Mac or mobile device. For that, you will need to

download the free Kindle app for your device and your all set.  The Zero Dollar Books webpage receives an update every

one hour and you can get notifications for any new additions via your FacebookTwitter or RSS feeds.